Program Updates


CANCELLED Mark Kozak-Holland's T3 Tutorial, "Data Management as applied to Churchill's Adaptive Enterprise" on Monday at 8:30am has been cancelled and rescheduled as a Keynote presentation on Wednesday at 2:30pm.    
CANCELLED Unfortunately, Elliott Blake had to cancel his session "The Process for Data-Related Examinations: One Examiner's Perspective" on Monday at 5:00pm.    


New Session! Robert Schork with Citi will be presenting "Get to Know Us- The Meta-Data Professional Organization" on Tuesday at 7:15am.
ADDED New Session! Said Tabet with Inferware and Eric Cohen with Pricewaterhousecoopers will be presenting "Enabling the Seamless Audit Trail with XBRL's Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL)" on Tuesday at 10:15am.
ADDED Mandy Chessell with IBM will be presenting a new session called "Creating New Intelligence - Unlocking the Value of Information" on Tuesday at 11:30am.
ADDED New Panel added!  "Issues Forum: The Future of Governance: Lessons From the Financial Meltdown" will be held on Tuesday at 1:45pm.
ADDED Another new Session! Dave Roberts with Central Intelligence Agency will be presenting "Data Models: A Blueprint for Enterprise Data Architecture" on Tuesday at 3:15pm.
CANCELLED "Issues Forum: Data Requirements for the Next Generation of Business Intelligence" on Tuesday at 1:45pm has been cancelled.
CANCELLED Unfortunately, Angelo Corbo & Beth Anne Posey had to cancel their session "me*ta*da*ta! and the Supernatural" on Tuesday at 3:15pm.


ADDED Another new session! George McGeachie with Metadata Matters Ltd will be presenting "Industry Data Models - Life Savers or Money Sinks? How Do you Decide?" on Wednesday at 7:15am.
ADDED New Issues Forum! Moderated by Danette McGilvray with Granite Falls and featuring a panel of recruiters from Vaco, this panel "Issues Forum: Career Survival Strategies in a Downturn" will be held on Wednesday morning at 8:30am.
ADDED New Session! Bennett Hirschhorn with Oracle will be presenting "The Reports of SOA's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Data Services Lives" on Wednesday at 10:00am.
ADDED Tony Shaw with Wilshire Conferences will be leading an issues forum called "Opportunities for Semantic Technologies within Enterprise Data Management" on Wednesday at 1:15pm.
ADDED New Keynote Speaker! Mark Kozak-Holland with HP Services will be presenting "Churchill the Agile Project Manager: A Lesson from History in Agility" on Wednesday at 2:30pm.
ADDED   Bruce Baum with Siemens Power Generation will be presenting a session called "ER/Studio SIG" on Wednesday at 5:30pm.
ADDED New Session! Matt Creason with Sybase will be presenting "PowerDesigner Special Interest Group (PD SIG)" on Wednesday at 5:30pm.
CANCELLED Jayne Dutra has cancelled her session "Achieving Semantic Information Interoperability Across the Enterprise" on Wednesday at 1:15pm.
CANCELLED Unfortunately, Erin McKean had to cancel her Keynote discussion "Confessions of a Data Packrat" on Wednesday at 2:30pm.


ADDED New Session! Corinna Martinez will present "Pipl, Do YouTube, Twitter, or ChaCha? - Social Networking and How to Effectively Use It in Business" on Thursday at 8:30am.
CANCELLED Diane Rollinson has cancelled her session "Data: The Strategic Weapon" on Thursday morning at 8:30am.
CANCELLED Unfortunately, Jeff Ilseman has cancelled his session "Creating a Data Driven Decision Making Culture" on Thursday at 9:50 am.