Issues Forum: Opportunities for Semantic Technologies within Enterprise Data Management
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  Tony Shaw   Tony Shaw
  Sanjiva Nath   Sanjiva Nath
  David Wood   David Wood
    Kevin S. Lynch
Central Intelligence Agency


Wednesday, April 8, 2009
01:15 PM - 02:15 PM

Level:  Business

Location:  18

Most of the developers who are working in the field of semantic technology share a web-centric view of the world and have little knowledge of the challenges faced by large enterprises. Likewise, enterprise data managers have very little understanding of semantic technologies, especially for data integration solutions. Until these two communities start talking to each other and creating a much better level of understanding, there is unlikely to be any meaningful demand for semantic technologies from enterprise customers, nor will there be solutions built to satisfy enterprise problems. The purpose of these initial discussions is to bridge the gap in understanding and start building meaningful partnerships between enterprise customers and semantic developers. - Overview of Enterprise data needs - Voice of Enterprise customers – critical challenges and pain points - Existing semantic initiatives - Application areas: a) Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration b) Service Oriented Architectures and Data Services c) Enterprise Information Integration d) Business Intelligence Applications e) Semantics in the Database

Tony is the Founder and CEO of DATAVERSITY ( and the co-chair of the EDW educational program. He directs the overall subject matter of DATAVERSITY's educational services, including conferences, publications and webcasts. Prior to founding DATAVERSITY he also started a dotcom in the identity management space (which went the way of most dotcoms), and was the president of Technology Transfer Institute (TTI). He still facilitates TTI's strategic technology forum for CTOs, called TTI/Vanguard (

Sanjiva is the Founder & CEO of zAgile Inc. Over twenty years of software development experience in diverse environments and roles. Primary focus has been on developing and deploying high volume and high transaction enterprise applications and systems on a variety of technologies and platforms. Successfully built and managed high performance and scalable teams across multiple geographies for a number of technology startups over the past eight years. Products designed, developed and deployed include: a credit card authorization system for Wells Fargo Bank; trading technologies for capital markets for ePIT Systems; product information management system (PIM) for Trigo Technologies; employee portals for Abilizer Solutions, Internet-based electronic coupons and promotions system for planetU and ERP systems for the process and nuclear industry for Indus International. Specialties: Building and managing high performance engineering teams and development processes. High transaction and volume Enterprise applications and systems. Managing teams in multiple geographics. Building offshore partnerships and teams.

David Wood is a partner with Zepheira and software engineer/entrepreneur specializing in disruptive technologies. He is a co-founder of the Kowari, Mulgara, PURLZ and Callimachus Open Source Software projects. Dr. Wood has been involved with Semantic Web research and standards efforts since 1999.

Kevin S. Lynch bio forthcoming.

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