Industry Data Models - Life Savers or Money Sinks? How Do You Decide?
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  George McGeachie   George McGeachie
Metadata Matters


Wednesday, April 8, 2009
07:15 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

Location:  3

There are three main ways of creating an enterprise logical data model, business semantics model, or whatever you may decide to call it:
  • buy a data model built especially for your industry
  • buy universal data models and modify them to fit
  • build your own models from scratch
This group will focus on the first option - come and share your experiences, or learn from others.

Have you bought an industry model? What questions didn't you ask before you bought it? Do you regret the decision? Have you decided not to buy an industry model? What did you do instead? Why? The two key questions you need to ask yourself when considering the purchase of an industry data model are:

  • what do I want to use it for?
  • is the model I want to buy designed for this purpose?

George is an independent information management practitioner, with 20+ years experience creating and managing models of various types in many organisations. He encourages organisations to connect and utilise their metadata islands, to recognise the wealth of information contained in their data models, to recognise that the creation of data models must form part of an integrated approach to improving their business, and therefore avoid the creation of metadata islands in the first place. He is a blogger, co-author of "Data Modeling Made Simple Using PowerDesigner" with Steve Hoberman, and author of several articles on George is an established conference presenter - if you attend one of his presentations you'll see just how much importance he places on the use of modelling and metadata management tools. You can contact George at, or via his blog -

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