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Wilshire Conferences was founded in 1999 with the objective of bringing high quality educational conferences to information technology professionals. In particular, Wilshire focuses on programs in the areas of large-scale data management, meta data management and application development.

The company’s philosophy is to provide educational environments that allow a high degree of interaction between instructors and students, between subject matter experts and audience, and very importantly, between student and student. Wilshire believes that this shared experience between peers provides the most cost-effective learning opportunity for IT professionals.

TONY SHAW • Program Chairman/Co-founder
Tony is responsible for directing the educational content of Wilshire’s conferences, and overall strategic direction of the company. Tony is also the facilitator of the TTI/Vanguard technology strategy program for senior executives. Previously he served as president of Technology Transfer Institute, where he founded the Meta-Data Conference in 1997. Prior to TTI, Tony was Executive Vice President of the Advanced Technology Division of the Institute for International Research (IIR).

Comments about Wilshire and our Conferences

I am very impressed with the knowledge and experience both of the speakers and the attendees.
Paul Canosi, Fiserv

Great forum for learning, for R&D ideas and introspection.
Steve Seymour, RBC Financial Group

I had a great time at the conference. Wilshire, as usual, did an outstanding job planning and facilitating the event.
Thom Harrington, SAFECO Corporation

I just wanted to take a moment to say again that I found the conference well structured, well organized, and of much worth. I learned a lot – and what I didn’t learn there, I found resources to pursue from the references and points of contact provided.
Anne Hooge, USAA

Great !! Important conference – keep up the good work!!
Jeff Lawyer, Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

This was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended! Good speakers, good topics, good logistics.
Julia Moore, First American Res

Great conference!! Very innovative... My only regret is having to choose between sessions!
Matty Park, Kinko’s, Inc.

Great job – see you next year!
Rick Klein, UPS

The exchange of ideas and lessons learned with others in industry was as valuable as the presentation materials.
Eric Cochran, Boeing Company

Very professionally done!
Tom Blicze, Roadway Express

Outstanding compilation of timely and proven data management techniques.
Wells Vinton, MBNA Technology

Very well organized; Good range of topics; Excellent hospitality.
J. E. Milholland, UK MoD


Excellent range of topics presented by top-notch speakers.
Steve Jorgensen, Reynolds & Reynolds

I was very impressed with the format and logistics. Very impressive.
Adam Meyers, VERITAS Software

Very well organized. Great conference, high quality speakers, most current subjects.
Samir Dawoud, DHL

Great event. I found it very stimulating and an excellent way to exchange ideas with peers.
Adele Cerrelli, U.S. Census Bureau

I was pleased that you keep the speakers from giving a sales pitch on their products when a vendor was presenting. This was my first Wilshire conference and I am very pleased with the entire conference. I will encourage others to attend future events.
Dennis G. Conley, Erie Insurance Group

Very good conference! Great turnout!
Bobbie Wright, Autozone, Inc.

Congratulations on a very well run conference.
Helen West, Ingersoll-Rand, Security & Safety Sector

What a treat to receive a copy of your "trip report"! Thank you very much! I have told many people that it was possibly the best conference that I have ever been to! That is probably because the timing was right, for much of the information, to support research and training I have been doing up until now. And the information was high quality and useful, sometimes difficult to achieve in tandem. Again, thanks very much!
Laura McQuade, Unisys

Thank you for the trip report. It is an appreciated extra that I have not seen at conferences managed by other groups or organizations. You and your staff did an excellent job.
Dan Harper, Corporate Systems

"Trip Report".... What a #1 idea...... You guys are certainly driving the
Steam Roller, thus destined never to be part of the road.....

Mike Gorman, Whitemarsh Information Systems Corp.

Many thanks for the Trip Report, it saved me lots of time. Also wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the organization of the event
Stephan Stadelmann, Reuters

I want to compliment Wilshire Conferences on handling the "challenges" of last week at the Metadata/DAMA Conference.
Patricia Cupoli, Database Design Solutions, Inc.

Thank you for the update and thank Tony for the great job this year.
Gil Laware, DAMA International Board member

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